Published on 29 November 2022

Combis Volkswagen rental

Soul of a camper and nostalgic of ancient vehicles, you always had a passion for collection vehicles and improvised trip? It’s perfect because the Domaine de la Dombes recently acquired 4 Combis Volkswagen. And launches its new service that will make you dream: Virée Vintage.

It is not the tour of France planned here but the tour of Ain that we offer you with a combi VW. Dive in the heart of the Dombes and the Bresse during a getaway of 3 days/2 nights. Live an original journey with your partner or your family on board of one of our furnished vans: NESTON, GARY, HARVEY and SCOTT!

van life combi volkswagen
van life Combis Volkswagen

Before we entrust you with the wheel of a VW combi, a little briefing will be needed because collection vehicle means ancient driving. Small reminder: no GPS, no power steering, no air-conditioning and a manual gear box… A nice approach of the slow travelwhere we let ourselves be guided by the road, we forget our watch, we improvise, we have the sensation of freedom,we drive with the window open, we escape!

Our Volkswagen Combis

The Combi T1 Split

Beautifully renovated with original pieces. The Domaine de la Dombes presents you NESTON, mixing the originality of the 60s with a contemporary style. Ideal for 2 persons with its back seat convertible to double berth. Here we go for a romantic road trip.

Firstly marketed by Volkswagen in the 50’s, the T1 combi was largely marked by its time. Easily recognisable with its vintage style and its windshield splited in 2, which gives it its name Combi Split, it is one of the most pursued collector vehicle in the world. Reputed to be indestructible, it is the symbol of freedom and adventure.

The Combi T2 Bay Window

Born in the 70’s, GARY was just redesigned, with taste and care in the total respect of the style of the 70’s with on top of that, a small design touch. This T2 Combi set itself apart with its panoramic windshield, which explains its name Bay Window. With a capacity of 4 beddings, it enables you to take your kids on the adventure, thanks to its adjustable roof.

The peace and love era marks the 70’s. After the success of the T1, Volkswagen launches its Combi T2. Not the death of a myth, it has the same architecture as the T1 with a more effective motorisation and an improved handling.

The T1 23 windows

Harvey is the last one to join the Virée Vintage fleet. A T1 combi, again, but not just any combi: a 23 windows with a opening roof. A guaranty to show off! Combined with impeccable finishings and an internal white coating. It is a splendid renovation for this model which celebrates its 50 years that’s only waiting to take the road with you!

Our suggestions of circuits with a combi Volkswagen through the Ain

An escape of 3 days/2 nights at the start of the Domaine de la Dombes, you will discover the curiosities and specialties of Ain by moving on the contryside roads through a thousand ponds up to the Domaine des Feuilles.

From the Domaine de la Dombes…

Soothing and full of life, the Domaine de la Dombes will be your meeting point and your first step for the night before leaving on an itinerant circuit. Relax and appreciate the 30 hectares of nature surrounding you. Take the time to walk around the pond or in the animal area, let yourself be tempted by a pétanque game or even a swim in the swimming-pool… For dinner, why don’t you book your dinner basked directly delivered to your pitch? Otherwise, our snack cabin is also open for the more gourmet (depending on the period).

Let’s go for a trip made for you, guided by us with a road book sent beforehand, feel free to choose your route!

A Combi road trip is tasting freedom. Thanks to their small size, all made of simplicity, it will be easy to stop where you feel like it when you feel like it, to take your time and discover the assets of the region. Ain is full of activities and incredible landscapes: Abbaye Notre Dame des Dombes, aquatic gardens or even the birds park for raptors fans.

Curiosities of Ain map
Legend map

…At the Domaine des Feuilles…

After a first day of escape, it is time to relax thanks to a premium peach near the water at the Domaine des Feuilles to camp. Calm and picturesque, this shelter immerses the adventurers in a relaxing atmosphere. It will also be a little paradise for the fishers. Amateurs, two fishing rods will be at your disposal in the combi to initiate yourself to fishing. For the more experienced and thirsty for sensations, don’t hesitate to bring your own rods to fish beautiful and big specimen.

In the evening, what’s better than a barbecue directly available on the spot. For the more adventurous ones, we challenge you to light your own campfire to cook your grilled meats.

The access to the Domaine des Feuilles will be available from July 1st 2023!

Combi Volkswagen Virée Vintage circuit

…to go back to the Domaine de la Dombes

And because the adventure is not finished yet, half a day of discovery of Ain is needed! We suggest you to wander around with your combi through the nice village of Châtillon sur Chalaronne, and the medieval city of Pérouges. For lunch, let yourself be tempted by a little restaurant to discover the local and regional specialties. We advise you to go to Oh Bouchoux,a restaurant where culinary specialties of the Dombes are spotlighted, like the famous frog’s legs of the Dombes and the chicken of Bresse.Auberge Lentaise,convivial restaurant with a cooking made with fresh and organic products or even on your road is located a renowned address of French cuisine Georges Blanc.

To finish on a high note, back to the Domaine de la Dombes for the last night of your journey

The Domaine de la Dombes offers many activities for every age: treetop adventure park, mini golf, rosalie and bark rental, SPA, swimming-pool… With your partner or your family, this day can only be warm and a good wat to finish this adventure.

Itinerary flexible depending on the day and time of arrival

PRICE: from 400€ in low season – 540€ in high season (week-end, national holidays, school holidays)

The price includes:

– The vehicle and its equiments – 2 nights on a Premium pitch in each Domaine – The road book and a map – Sheets and survival kit – A free visit of the animal parks of the Domaine de la Dombes – The fishing card and 2 fishing rods for the Domaine des Feuilles – A gift basket with local products – A set of pétanque balls


The price doesn’t include:

– The bathroom linen – The fuel costs


Contact the +33 6 77 68 46 65 for more information and booking.

The indispensable documents to supply:

– Insurance justification

– Driving licence

– Bank deposit of 2500€