8 animal parks, 250 animals on 30 hectares

The donkeys and small donkeys park

Stop in front of our the park of our 2 equidaes, a bit savage but really gourmand. It will be easy to attract them with some caresses or dandelion… GROSEILLE Our female donkey is a bit stubborn, and OSCAR our male who joined her in 2018 is really cuddly. The two of them make a great team!

Our 2 small donkeys, PTIT GRIS and NOUGAT are located next to the camping pitches and in front of our new Cas’Âne. Really cute from their small size, they are really cuddly and gourmand. Scoop 2022: they are the happy parents of a baby donkey since the beginning of April 2022, a first for the Domaine. This little fur ball has the same grey color as her mom, and the dense fur of her father. The animal carers and the entire team are spellbound. We let ourselves some time to get to know her personnality before giving her a name.

The small farm

Shared space between the rabbits (angora, bélier, fauve de bourgogne, géant des flandres …), the guinea pigs EUGENE ERNESTINE and all their babies as well as the miniature goats : GABIE and GUSTINE and our scapegoat GÜNTHER. This small work coexist and frolic in more than 1000m² of greenery. The small farm is reight next to the meublé de tourisme

The aviary

In 2017, the Domaine de la Dombes rehabilitate its old tennis fields in order to create a huge aviary of 1600m². Partidges, golden pheasants, peacocks, hens, ducks… everybody coexists happily! To sleep near the animals of the aviary, direct your choice on our new caba’tentes or on our camping pitches

The wallabies park

Since 2019 the Domaine de la Dombes welcomes wallabies of Benett. An albino male names ALBI and a red neck female named WILLOW. They made us the nice surprise in 2020 to give birth to an adorable baby WILLY. Then the family wallaby keeps on growing with newbirths each year. This little marsupial is still a pretty fearful animal, that’s why in order not to stress them too much, our carer of the animals built a wooden fence with holes in it, in order to observe them in all discretion.

The boark park

It grumbles, it growls, it grunts… No doubt, you’re getting closer to the bars park! To sleep in the middle of the boars is possible, by being suspended in the perched cabin called les Chênes or in the one called les Sangliers.

Baby board birth in April

The mouflons park

Lurked under the woods of the Domaine, our mouflons enjoy a huge forest of 4 hecatres. Sleep in a troll to observe them from closer.

Important period:

  • Birth of the lambs in March-April

The deers park

Get slowly closer to the fence, in order to not frighten them. Sleep above the deers, by booking a night in the Tipi, in the perched cabins for two Rennes, Cerfs, Pigeonnier or Sika, in the perched cocon des hiboux or even the familial perched cabin of the Faons

Lost of the antlers at the end of April – Birth of the fawns during May and June – Annual deer rut from September to November

The bisons park

The Domaine participate to a programm of reintroduction of species classified as vulnerable. It is proud to count 2 impressive residents: European bisons

The female MAGDA and its baby POP arrived in October 2020 in their new park, and we are still waiting for a male coming from an other french park. The park is 3 hectares, they really have a huge space. To have the honour of sleeping above thebisons book one or many night in the Ranch our last construction, or in the cabin Chasseur for an exceptional experience.

Around the pond

You will have the pleasure to meet numerous animals

  • BARNABE and BARBARA our couple of Barberie ducks that just became the happy parents of 15 duckling really cute!
  • SWANI our adorable and elegant black swan
  • AGLAE our goose terribly gourmand and a bit noisy
  • Numerous mallard ducks or Indian runner ducks in the nursery then set free in their natural habitat

They know precisely the delivery hour of the breakfast and dinner baskets, you will not be surprised to see them paddle around your floating cabin or even clim on your pontoon. In the day, they will also come meet you on the shore of the pond. They are not starving and pretty healthy as you will be able to see. Please don’t give them bread, as it is not good for their health.